Introduction to Artificial Intelligence


Contents of this training

01.AI Introduction
02.AI applications
03.AI and ethics
04.AI and security
AI Introduction
- What is Artificial Intelligence and why is it important? - Overview of the different applications of AI, including Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
AI applications
- How is AI being used in different industries and applications? - Case studies of successful AI applications in practice.
AI and ethics
- What are the ethical challenges associated with the use of AI? - How can you ensure ethical standards in your AI systems?
AI and security
- What security aspects do you need to consider when developing and implementing AI systems? - How can you ensure the security of your AI systems?

For whom is this training suitable?


This training is suitable for executives who want to gain a sound understanding of Artificial Intelligence. You will learn how AI can improve basic business processes and support decision making to increase productivity and drive innovation.

HR employees

HR employees are another target group for this training. You will learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and understand how AI can be applied to basic HR processes, such as recruitment and administration, to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Marketing and sales staff

The training is also suitable for marketing and sales staff. You will learn the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence and how AI can help effectively analyze and use customer data to optimize sales strategies and personalize customer experiences.

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